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Milan Gianni's “I Like” 🔥 single is heating up the scene

Migrating from Connecticut to Brooklyn and bringing the islands with him is Milan Gianni. Caribbean pop sensation just released his latest track titled "I Like". Having been an aspiring entertainer since the tender age of 15, Milan delivered , seaminglessly blending classic reggae with R&B soul of the early 2000s. The tempo by itself is enough to transcend anyone into the mystical essence of a sun kissed island. Not viewing music entirely as art, but as a couch and a podium Milan feels obligated to use his platform responsibly. He describes his most recent project as " a roller coaster of emotions" , bumping and shaking , moving and swaying with the healing sounds and rythms.

As a proud and vocal member of the LGBTQ community it was imperative that Milan made impact with his lyrics. He see's music as therapy, not only for his fans but for himself as well. For three minutes , listeners are uplifted and empowered. Smooth melodies and hard basses join forces prompting everyone to the dance floor to whine their problems away. With undeniable; talent filled tracks like this , Milan has a promising career ahead of him with vivid visuals, consistent singles , collars and even an E.P entitled "9:37" expected to release at the end of this year!


Instagram: @iammilangianni


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