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Mo Sound Group

Jersey native PushButtinz founded Mo Sound Group in 2006. He made a plan to make sure his company & brand shed a positive light on his community through music, film, & graphics. MO first stood for Members Only which later turned into "Motivate Others." Mo Sound is the studio aspect of the company. When it comes to studio presence, Push makes sure whoever comes to his studio is very comfortable & keeps things professional. Mo Sound offers spaces for podcast, photography, rehearsal space, music production, & a community clothing store.

Mo Sound Group is also an independent record label featuring Jersey artists like Ib Mattic who just dropped his single & music video "Tools". PushButtinz always provides quality sounds in his studio which I myself have been going to for years. Mo Sound really does motivate others to be the artist they want to be.

"I want Mo Sound to be a one-stop shop where people can get quality products at an affordable prices."

Over the years I have seen Push want to be a good pillar to the community and show love to everyone. Everything he does is for the betterment of the company. He believes that Mo Sound Group is a community-oriented business. I would highly recommend anyone to check out Mo Sound if you like quality sound & good vibes. Mo Sound really does Motivate Others and is continuing to impact the community.


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