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Netflix's "The 40-Year-Old Version" is an Inspiration to Creatives ✨

Age is just a number- a common cliche that rings true for the main character in this film. Set in New York City The 40-Year-Old Version follows a 39-year-old woman named Radha who is soon to be 40 and at a standstill in her life and career as a playwright. On the brink of entering a new era in her life when she turns 40, she decides to focus on one of her passions which is Rapping. She is discouraged by society and those around her and that begins to negatively affect her perception of herself but, she Finds Her Own Voice and becomes the artist and person she has always wanted to be. Her journey throughout this film is a reminder to all Black Creatives no matter their age or gender to never give up on their passions and what drives them. To never settle and to be fearless and create art that you are proud of and confident in. Don't try to create to appease others but, to fulfill your soul and inspire others. These messages and themes and so much more are what makes this film an inspiring and affirming must-see.


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