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Latest Releases 

Jersey has a dope scene of underground artists. Ranging from Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B and more! Here you can find the latest releases from Jersey artists and how you can connect with them. Hope you enjoy the talent & the music because Jersey got the best. 🔥

January Releases

IMG_5469 2.jpg

CallMeRey Dangerous EP

Born in Jersey City, NJ CallMeRey wasn’t always the singer/recording artist he is working to be today. From the age of 3, he's had aspirations of becoming a basketball star. After coming off a successful college championship season at Middlesex County College, he decided to take a step away from the sport he loves and shift his focus into music and his been shining since! Check out his latest EP "Dangerous" where he adds his own unique twist and style to some of the most classic R&B samples of our time & more. 

Twitter: @itscallmerey

Instagram: @itscallmerey

Zig Luve "I Should Be Dead" Music Video Visual 

Zig is a 25 year old artist, born in Brooklyn, NY & raised in Union, NJ. He began his creative journey from young, first as a pianist, then growing into a drummer. These musical talents transitioned his creativity into writing, where he started writing poems, songs, and short stories from the age of 6. Check out the his new visual to his first single " I should be dead" featuring theatrical visuals and more. 

Twitter: @Zigluve 

Instagram: @Zigluve


Irissah "Luv Sick" Ep 

Irissah a NY/NJ native is giving us R&B realness on her latest EP "Luv Sick" we hear her beautiful voice on tracks like "Dwn2ryd" as well as a bit of rap on tracks like "Colors". Be sure to check it all out , available on all streaming platforms. 

Instagram: @missirissah 

Chris Patrick "PSA" music video visual 

Jersey native and lyricist Chris Patrick is bringing straight bars and lyrical intent in his song "PSA". Originally released on his mixtape "H.O.M.E" in 2017 BUT check out the visual that was release this month!

Twitter: @xchrispatrick 

Instagram: @xchrispatrick 


Dinero3x "Rockstar" & "Missing You" Singles

Dineor3x is spitting some bars and giving us some unique musical talent in his latest tracks "Rockstar" & "Missing You". You can now listen to these songs on all streaming platforms. 

Instagram: @therealdinero3x 

February Releases

Baby Phace "Sober Soul" music video visual 

Jersey native Baby Phace is back for the month of February with his latest visual and song "Sober Soul". You can learn more about Baby Phace and his work on our Artist Highlight page. He was our artist of month for January. 

Instagram: @babyphace__

Twitter: @babyphace_

IMG_6564 2.PNG

Chris Patrick "Swish" Single 

Jersey rapper Chris Patrick is back this month with heat. His latest single "Swish" is giving strong lyrical word play and flow. The artist has been receiving a lot of Buzz and even has been compared to artists like J.Cole, JID and many more off the Dreamville entourage.

Twitter: @xchrispatrick 

Instagram: @xchrispatrick 


Sizzy Santan 

"Pain Volume 1" Mixtape 

Newark native Sizzy Santan is shaking things up in his latest project "Pain, Vol 1". He is truly telling a story and providing lyrical enthusiasm in songs like "No Savior/Intro" but is also giving us an R&B vibe in songs like "Ride for me." You can check out his project on all major streaming platforms! 

Instagram: @SizzySantan


Rhippz "The Getaway" single 

Rhippz is an underground artist from Jersey but is currently coming up in Miami, in his latest single "The Getaway" he is most def giving us an R&B type of vibe. This song is perfect that spring/summer time season which we all know is approaching soon! Be sure to stream "The Getaway" on all major streaming platforms. 

Instagram: @Rhippz

March Releases

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 3.36.56 PM.png

Boogs "Love Over Hate" EP

Jersey Native Boog is shaking things up in his latest EP entitled "Love Over Hate." He's spitting heavy heat in songs like "Shots Fired" & "What Now" as well as slowing things down and giving us a little bit of an R&B in songs like "Cut You Off." You can stream "Love Over Hate" on all major streaming platforms. 

Instagram: @boogs60_

Twitter: @boogs60_

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 2.52.43 PM.png

Ant Kan$cious "The Dissonance" single

Jersey's very own Ant Kan$cius  is dropping some lyrical finesse & soul in his latest single "The Dissonance".  Now available on Audiomack.

Instagram: @soulbruvah

Twitter: @kan_tha_baptist 

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 4.05.27 PM.png

April Releases

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 3.43.29 PM.png

SNA "Love Is Gone" Single 

Nigerian & Jersey native SNA is most def giving us some feel good R&B in his latest single "Love Is Gone." This song is perfect for that quarantine & chill vibe! You can now stream it on all major platforms.

Instagram: @hiii_sna

Twitter: @hiii_sna

Tay Bangz  "Lost in Translation" EP 

She's a 21 year old artist from Piscataway NJ. Music has always been a passion of hers, especially growing up with her GrandFather George Kerr. Tay's dream is to reach everybody who can relate to her and the things she speaks about in these songs. She also wants to show everybody - including her family, that our dreams are never too big. Recently Tay was voted as the top two finalist for TSU Surf's Rap battle bracket challenge via Instagram. Check out her latest project here "Lost in Translation" available on all platforms.

Instagram: @TayBangz 

Twitter: @TayBangz 

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 12.30.27

Zig Luve "G League" single

Zig is a 25 year old artist, born in Brooklyn, NY & raised in Union, NJ. He began his creative journey from young, first as a pianist, then growing into a drummer. Zig has been tapping into his rap skills in his adulthood, releasing multiple singles. You can check out his latest single "G League" on all major streaming platforms. 

Twitter: @Zigluve 

Instagram: @Zigluve

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 1.50.29 PM.png

KG Vonne "Walkem" single

KG Vonne is making his debut into the music industry with his latest single "Walkem." The East Orange native has been working on his craft for a while now and is excited to share his talent. 


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