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Bel-Air's Akira Akbar talks playing Ashley Banks, being a creative + more

Akira Akbar is an actress who has been in various movies & shows such as Captain Marvel, This is Us, We can be heroes, and more. Now she is playing Ashley Banks on the hit peacock reboot "Bel-Air." “Bel-Air" is drama series that reimagines the ‘90s sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” . Through the series, we are introduced to Will (played by Jabari Banks) and his experience moving to L. A from Philadelphia and moving in with his wealthy family.

Akira plays Ashley who is Will's younger cousin. We not only see the experiences that Will and Ashley have together throughout the series but Ashley's personal experiences as a young teenage girl as well. Black Talk Radio spoke with Akira about her taking on the role of Ashley Banks, her journey in the entertainment industry, and more in our latest interview.


Photography Credit: @LydiaCanbakal


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