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Yendor Theatre Company Highlights Mental Health in "In The Middle of the Mess" Play

Yendor Theatre Company (YTC) after 3 years returned with their Summer Street Theatre production! “Created in 2016, by Rodney Gilbert , YTC brings quality theatre programming to the City of Newark and develops, produces, and celebrates the works of writers from historically resilient communities.”

This summer YTC brought joy, laughter & most importantly knowledge in their production “In the Middle of the Mess”.

Written by Paris Crayton III this play highlights the struggles many young people face in regards to their mental health. The play was shown in Newark's various wards providing entertainment to all residents. There was a total of 4 shows.

“Synopsis: Joey, a young Black man, is desperate to find joy in the midst of a global pandemic. In his search he recalls childhood memories, faces his fears and finds comfort in family. His quest leads him to discover that the joy he is seeking was already within!”

I thoroughly enjoyed this play because I believe it did a stellar job of expressing the different stages many people deal with when struggling with their mental health. Joey goes through various stages that highlight where he is mentally. He remembers the old memories of things that made him happy but is confused about why he is currently unhappy. Joey eventually learns it’s okay to not be okay and that through family support, therapy, journaling, and other methods it is possible to be happy again. Wherever you are in your life “In the Middle of the Mess” highlights that tough times don’t last forever and once you have life there’s plenty to look forward to.


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