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Renaissance: The Queen Has Spoken

On July 29th, Beyoncé released her seventh solo album called “Renaissance” which features 16 songs, all cultivated under the genre of Pop/Dance. This album is filled with sensational beats, as it forces the audience to get up and dance. The Virgo Queen continues to surprise the world! Her record-smashing single, “Break My Soul” took the world by storm with its groovy sample of the 1993 dance track, “Show Me Love” by Robin S. As this song kept the Beyhive buzzing with excitement, Beyoncé shocked the world by posting her jaw-dropping album cover which features her vivacious, nude body sitting on top of a luminous horse. Fans believe the cover resembles John Collier’s 19th-century painting, Lady Godiva.

Beyoncé stated in an Instagram post prior to the release of her album,

“Creating Renaissance allowed me a place to dream and find escape during a scary time in the world.”

This explains the enjoyment you can find in this album. Renaissance hones in on feminism and redemption, shown even through the song titles. Opening the project with the special track entitled “I’m That Girl” Beyonce has infused house music with Afro beats to create vibrant songs that make any age and gender dance. “I’m That Girl” oozes female superiority, which makes any girl feel like a queen before they step out into the world. It gives that sense of sexiness that Beyoncé always shows to the world, which is why I love this song. My personal favorite songs on the album are “I’m That Girl” and “Plastic Off The Sofa.”

“Plastic Off The Sofa” presents a flirtatious tone as she sings toher man about how he can’t keep his hands off her. Beyoncé always gives that raunchy vibe but keeps it classy. I believe this album provides empowerment to all women and allows you to become your most confident and sexiest self.

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