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Florida artist Ona is back with "Foxy Brown" single

Ona was born on March 15th, 2000 in Jacksonville,Florida and has had a passion for music for the majority of her life. In her early years she had already realized her dreams. She sang, danced, and played sports while growing up but it wasn't until college that she started recording music professionally. In September of 2019, she released her first single entitled "30 Minutes". Ona entered the industry singing but quickly transitioned to rap by being featured on records like “Shake Dat Shit" by QBthedon as well as posting multiple freestyles via her social media pages.

“I’ve always wanted to rap, I just knew I was going to be a singer.”

Nevertheless though Ona’s latest single “Foxy Brown” is definitely tapping into her rap side. Throughout the song Ona is definitely spitting some heavy bars. For the remainder of 2021 Ona plans on releasing her EP “Rich AF” & more surprises so be sure to stay tuned for Ona & all her future endeavors!




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