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Mid Stockz collabs with Tsu Surf with new single “PAIN”

If anyone knows pain it's Newark NJ artist, Mid Stockz. Having lost his brother that fueled the power behind his career as a rapper recently, Mid also lost another brother and continued to turn the heat up. With his label Am2G Entertainment behind him they are all doing their best to continue to push forward and complete the mission to win.

"Music is a way I can express myself fully without somebody cutting me off. It's like my therapy. Ive been writing poems since 2004..."

Having to continuously pick himself up and overcome all the obstacles life has thrown at him he is no stranger to pain. Truly embodying the single , “Pain” featuring Jersey’s legendary Tsu Surf Mid has really lived through the life he raps about. The track blends wounded words perfectly with gutter melodies as the heavy hitters rap the reality of life as a Newark NJ native. Defying the odds constantly , the two are positive representation to anymore enduring such pain, as its only temporary but the journey and victory ahead lives forever. PAIN is a hood anthem, a real classic that only legends ride out to .Stay tuned to hear more from Mid Stockz as this is just the beginning.


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