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W💫💫 Forever : Pop Smoke's Posthumous Album

It’s the summer of 2019, you’re at a day party with the gang and everybody’s driving the boat. Suddenly the DJ plays a song “Welcome to the Party” . Is it 50 Cent ? Who is this ? You think to yourself. The voice is so distinct and definitely rememberable, the lyrics write:  

“B*tch, I'm a thot, get me lit (get me lit)

Gun on my hip (gun on my hip)

One in the head (one in the head)

Ten in the clip (ten in the clip)

Baby, baby, don't trip”

It’s Pop Smoke. Bashar Jackson better known as Pop Smoke was a Canarsie Brooklyn native who brought Drill music to New York & eventually mainstream American media. He came out the gate with a unique sound with his track "Welcome to the Party" and was constantly collaborated with UK Drill producers like 808Melo and Axel introducing a new sound. Unfortunately in February 2020 his life was tragically taken as he was murdered in Los Angeles, California. Today July 3rd, 2020 we are now remembering Pop and his legacy in his posthumous album “Shoot for the stars Aim for the moon.” The album is definitely very diverse showing Pop’s softer side on tracks like “Something Special” but nevertheless still providing that drill vibe we truly loved him for on tracks like “Make it Rain”. There is buzz that there is a deluxe version of the album that is said to be released in which Pop's best friend Mike Dee stated on his Instagram. Pop Smoke proved that you in fact can beat the odds and create a bigger & better life for yourself despite where you come from. At just 20 years old he had already begun to make such a huge impact. I see Pop in all of us, every young person just trying to make it and beat the odds. Long Live Pop Smoke. We’re forever shooting for stars and aiming for the moon.

You can stream "Shoot for the stars Aim for the moon" on all streaming platforms. 💫💙


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