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A Night of Love, Light & Music: The Come Up Experience

Music creators don’t get enough credit for their art and what they create. Too many artists are here one minute and gone the next. Too many times we've seen showcases turn into gimmicks and the artist not receiving full benefits. “The Come Up" is here to change that. Producer and music lover @caseyempire created a space for people to lend their ears, eyes, and minds for an entire night as both underground and established artist share their art and talent with you live. This environment was curated with the intent to provide artists with a safe place to share their art, receive audience feedback in real-time, as well as to create content that will live on well past their performances. With a media presence and a plethora of attendees, this is also the perfect place to network and even potentially meet some future business partners. The event will take place this Friday, July 30th in Brooklyn New York from 5 P.M to 10 P.M . Experience a night of love light, and music.

For more information follow @caseyempire & @thecomeupshows


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