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Atlanta artist Jonzu releases "Trip" project

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Jonzu is a creative, vivid story teller and a unique lyricist with a purpose to tell a story and uplift people. Jonzu began writing lyrics in his notebook at a young age and that has translated into him being a music artist today. Jonzu has released his first full length project Trip where he truly is putting himself out there and tapping into all of his emotions. The inspiration behind Trip comes from Jonzu mixing his experiences along with his friend’s experiences to truly tell a story.

“It is dedicated to a friend of mine who actually experienced "The Trip" and asked me to put it into the music. I always want my music to remain consistent and let it be a motivation for others and brighten their spirit. This album is a dedicated storyline, it displays my own emotions toward different personal/social issues and personal life situations, my mental process/perspective in the events that my friend went through.”

It took Jonzu two years to complete this project. Luckily for Jonzu a lot of these tracks were recorded prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and he in addition has a home studio. He took his time with this project, re-recording as many tracks as he could to make sure everything was sonically perfect.

“I had everything written but it was a matter of getting it recorded. Also I wasn't confident in many of the takes, so it caused me to record many times, I would scrap previous recordings and come back to it, prolonging the process even further. But great things come with patience.”

For the remainder of 2021 Jonzu will be releasing a short film that goes along with his album Trip and he’ll also be releasing another project in mid-May. We are excited to see what Jonzu has in store and know with his creativity it’ll definitely take us by surprise!


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