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Black officer in a viral video seen leading mob away from capitol chamber is deemed as a hero

Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman is seen herding protesters away from Senate Chambers on Wednesday, January 6.

A US Capitol Police officer bounded up the stairs of the Capitol building, lured a growing mob of insurrectionists behind him. Using himself as "bait," he diverts an angry mob away from the Senate chamber, leading the group in the opposite direction .

The video captured by Huffington Post reporter Igor Bobic shows Goodman, the sole officer among the mob, trying to beat the rioters back several times as he radios other officers, but they continue to trail Goodman up the stairs. Goodman leads them into a larger hall, and backup officers arrive -- still outnumbered by rioters.

The man in a hoodie seen chasing Goodman up the stairs, Doug Jensen, was arrested on January 9th for breaking into the Capitol and faces five federal charges -- of unlawfully entering the Capitol, disrupting government business, violent entry, parading in a Capitol building, and blocking law enforcement during the riot.

Political figures have called on Goodman to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor or the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor for protecting members of Congress.



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