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P.B Soldier : Bringing S.T.E.M. to Marginalized Students of Color One Graphic Novel at a Time ✨

It’s no secret that children in urban communities are underserved in the school system. Naseed Gifted was once a NJ kid, battling these same circumstances and now he’s a NJ hero combating these issues daily. Amongst other prestigious titles, most importantly, Mr. Gifted is a renowned author, changing lives exponentially with his graphic novel series, P.B. Soldiers. The series is under the science fiction genre and takes on a vivid journey following the protagonist, Nat Cummings. Cummings is a top tier computer hacker, who gets caught by authorities for infiltrating the system to falsely making tuition payments. Once caught, he is faced with a great dilemma to continue his initiative or join forces with the authorities. Keeping the momentum and drive to help young people, every novel sold results in a donation to Malcolm X Shabazz High School, In Mr.Gift’s hometown as well as where he serves prinicpal . Get your copy today at the P.B.Soldier website, Amazon, iTunes and

Vortex Comic.

Follow P.B.Soldier on the Socials:

Twitter: @PBSoldier

Instagram: @PBSoldier


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