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Concrete Cowboy: Father and Son Reunion

The Netflix original "Concrete Cowboy" is a great film that exemplifies the Cowboy culture of the African-American horseriding community in Philadelphia. The film is based on the book "Ghetto Cowboy" by Greg Neri. This sub-culture of the African-American community is often not talked about or highlighted, especially in cinema. This film serves as a source of entertainment and a source of information. Idris Elba stars alongside Caleb Mclaughlin as father and son, who repair their relationship over the course of the film. Black father figures play an intricate role in the development of young black men. These two characters are estranged but, their relationship grows stronger, and these characters represent the power of Black father and son relationships.

Cowboy Concrete is a drama that, at its heart, has a message of hope and showcases the complexity of the Black Experience. It's a must-watch and an insightful movie about Black Cowboy Culture.


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