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Creative Agency: Shade & Sass and their Impact ✨

It’s no secret that black women are the fastest growing entrepreneurial group right now. Shade & Sass Entertainment founded by Cierra Magana & Shania Roper are apart of that group while also recruiting and assisting more and more bold and beautiful women to add to the status quo. Birthing their business in January of 2020 the duo had to learn entrepreneurship quickly as well as how to navigate their business through what seems like a never ending pandemic.

"In the beginning, the hardships of COVID-19 brought on a lot of frustration and anxiety as a newly launched agency. We were worried it would greatly affect our business. What we didn’t realize until shortly after quarantine began was that this gave us plenty of time to do some future-planning.

Since the pandemic, we have taken on four, very strong musicians from the east coast -- Akil B. Strange, Milan Gianni, ORG Prophecy, & Close Cash. Working closely with them (while staying socially distant, of course) through these hard times has been rewarding, and we’re excited for fans to see what these artists accomplish in the months to come."

Always having an interest in business and PR and no stranger to the game, the two alum of New Jersey’s William Paterson worked hard to combine their brains and passion for something big, birthing their very own creative agency. Naming the agency after themselves, their

initiative is very personal, creating opportunity, stability and independence not on key for themselves but for their clients as well. The dynamic duo are marking one year in business this upcoming January and heating things up, be on the look out for merch, events , and new and exciting projects from some of their clients.


Instagram: @ShadeandSassEnt

Image captured by Jordan Danielle. Image captured by Sam Conant.


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