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Dani Leigh’s new song: Preference or Pandering?

Recently the singer- songwriter, Dani Leigh was under a lot of heat for releasing her new song, “Yellow Bone”. The lyrics read as “yellow bone is what he wants”, many listeners believe the song was aimed at his current boyfriend DaBaby’s ex Meme who is a brown skin African American woman. Listeners also believe that the song is problematic due to Dani Leigh’s race, many believe that she is not an Afro-Latina.

The term “yellow bone”, is reserved for lighter skin African American woman, which many believe that Dani Leigh is not. She is being accused of black fishing and being a colorist. A snippet of this song has been released on her Instagram but when the full song comes out the listeners will have to be the judges to confirm these claims. As of now Dani Leigh has issued an apology and is now a single woman. With Dani now being single , fans are wondering if Yellow Bone was actually what he didn't want.


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