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Detroit 2, Did it Deliver?

Having been missing from the music game since 2017, Big Sean made sure to fill the gap, getting really vulnerable on the new album Detroit 2 . As seen from the title great homage was paid to his hometown, the place that molds him and has shaped him into the artist and man we can all appreciate today. In this greatly anticipated body of work he rapped feverishly about the things on his mind and his chest. Listeners gained prospective on mental health and the pressures of being rich and famous. He even got really personal with sharing about the miscarriage he and long time girlfriend, R & B singer, Jhene Aiko experienced. The metaphors and punchlines delivered on this 21 track , 70 minute project earned its reputation as "Sean's finest work because it is confident and consistent ..." by well respected media platform , Vulture . The amount of time invested, techniques tried, and flows rehearsed is evident. Sean took his time with this and it definitely shows . D-Town couldn't have picked any better representation. Congrats to Big Sean.


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