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Feleshia Sams : Cosmetic Mogul ✨

College years shape and develop one into who they'll become professionally. They are the gardening years to planting seeds that produce greatness for years to come. During undergrad, Feleshia Sams was known as the make up guru for all your cosmetic needs. Years later, not much has changed. As of today she is the CEO of Academy of Advanced Cosmetics where students learn the ins & outs of cosmetic tattooing. Although already having a background in aesthetics and cosmetology, Feleshia strived to be a “Jackie of all trades” and continuously enrolled in specialty courses to extend her own personal education as well. It was not enough to only have the knowledge for herself but Feleshia wanted to also share this knowledge with others.

"Prior to launching AAC, I owned a medspa, where I handled most of the cosmetic tattooing services myself. During this time, I gained a wealth of knowledge and great experience, but because I was always an advocate of continuing education, I kept enrolling in different advanced trainings in the industry to expand my skill set. After many years and money spent traveling the country for these sometimes disappointing trainings, I decided to take a step back and think. I realized that I had acquired several skills over the years, and these skills were enough for me to begin training and performing on clients on my own. I got extremely busy over time, however, and I put off full-time training for many years, but once my son was born, and the constant request for training came in, I decided to try my hand at it. After my first small class, my trainings immediately took off and months later, I focused my complete attention on developing a true academy style space for inspired beauty connoisseurs like myself. My Atlanta-based brick and mortar location now provides quality education to hundreds of students."

Feleshia in addition, not only wanted to provide the education for these women but in fall 2020 she developed an app to help them gain exposure and clientele , Coztat. Through Coztat cosmetic tattoo artists can manage their appointments, promote their work, process payments and track sales. Feleshia is truly a go getter who continues to help others.

"One thing that I would say that I would want my supporters to remember about me is that although I am a business owner and love what I do, my true passion is in building, inspiring, and motivating future leaders in this game called entrepreneurship. I love what I do and I love to be that small piece of motivation for so many minority women like myself. If I'm remembered as an inspiration, I'm happy!"

Keep up with Feleshia on the socials:

Instagram : @aac_training // @coztat


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