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GANGTIVITY: Red Hook's Rap Collective

Brooklyn rap collective, Gangtivity is back with yet another fire visual. After a brief hiatus, it's always great to see them return to the scene with fresh and exciting art. Although normally seen as three, @mitchleading sat this one out.

With already over 55,000 views and climbing "What We On" seems to be a fan favorite. Gangtivity has always been known for living an elaborate "rockstar" lifestyle and constantly pushing barriers and changing the status quo. The video is nothing short of that. Director Half Pass truly captures the guys in their element. The true essence of their personalities caught on camera is pure art. Extravagant unmarked hotels, expensive fabrics, and foreign cars, only the best for the gang. the video gives fans a glimpse of exactly "what they on".

Gangtivity exuded confidence, dream-chasing, and inspiration. Cool melodies and hard basses of "What We On" leaves listeners feeling lectured and ambitious.

Follow Gangtivty for more visuals and see what's next to come!


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