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Hair Mogul: Bella Rose talks about upcoming products and her journey in the beauty industry ✨

Award-winning beauty and skincare mogul Bella Rose started her hair company in 2010. Bella Rose Passion Cosmetics have been featured on many celebrity faces and in shows such as R&B Divas Atlanta, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Starz Original “POWER” and various music artists. Now Bella Rose's focus is skincare.

“My first launch of the skincare was my vanilla mango lotion and body wash that we launched in Walmart” said Bella Rose.

Bella Rose's recent retail expansion of her Skin Care Collection has extended nationwide into and Some of the 15 products sold at Walmart range from hair milk, body wash, and body brushes, which are all-natural.

“Mixing these kinds of butter Mango butter, shea butter, coconut butter, and apricot butter are the main ingredients that keep the skin tight and inflammation out of the skin'' said Bella Rose.

Upcoming products for Bella Rose are new bath bombs called "bath magic". Previous Bella Rose bath bomb products came in a cupcake form, but when speaking to customers she found that they keep the cupcakes rather than use them. So on Juneteenth, she plans to launch the new bath bombs in bottle form.

“We do have new bath bombs coming on Juneteenth and we are having a really big sale” said Bella Rose.

You can check her products & our full interview below!


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