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Hulu's series "Woke" is giving us a WAKE-UP CALL

Rose-Colored Glasses are often worn by many people in America typically those with privilege but, a Black Man in America wearing Rose-Colored Glasses is odd considering the plight of Black Americans and the racism they face and have been facing for years. Hulu's Woke follows a Black man named Keef who is a cartoonist in San Francisco who has been wearing his own pair of Rose-Colored Glasses. Keef makes a cartoon called Toast and Butter that is considered "safe and light-hearted";it is until he has a racist encounter with a Police Officer that his world is turned upside down. Cartoons appear all around him and he is never the same after this incident not just as a cartoonist but as a person.

Sometimes people don't realize the weight of the world until it happens to them and in this case, Keef had to learn firsthand that racism affects all Black people and he wasn't exempt from it. His art shifted from goofy and meaningless to impactful and honest. He had to re-discover himself as an artist and change his life around because he wasn't the same person. His pain was channeled through his art and his search for balance became active. Can he still be the optimistic Keef he once was while still being aware of Racism and Social Injustice? Can he still create funny cartoons while still recognizing racial issues and incorporating that into his work? Similar to the majority of black creatives, Keef is trying to let his voice be heard and create what feels natural to him and it will prove to be a life-long journey in the end. Woke offers a satirical but authentic approach on the topic of racism that truly defines what it means to be "Woke".


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