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“Judas and The Black Messiah”

The movie Juadas And The Black Messiah couldn’t have came at a perfect time since it is Black History Month. This movie was directed by Shaka King & written by The Lucas Bros. It tells the story of FBI informant William O’ Neal who infiltrates the Black Panthers & their leader Fred Hampton. If you know the story then you should know that in 1967 the FBI viewed Fred Hampton as a radical threat. This is a unique Black Panther story because the FBI seen Fred Hampton a big threat & he was only the age of 21. In the Bible the story of Judas was he was once God’s disciple but then he betrayed him but then had a infamy death. This movie gives you a good look into what the Black Panthers dealt with as they tried to make their voices heard in America. Actors Daniel Kaluuya & Lakeith Stanfield gives powerful performances as they bring this insanely story to the bring screens. Some reviewers say the movie speaks loudly and clearly while others say it’s brilliant, electric, & heartbreaking. The movie is in theaters and streams on HBO Max February 12th.


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