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JuJu : “Soul Ties” ✨🎧

From humming melodies to writing poetry at the tender age of thirteen, tells the soulful story of Jonisha McKiever. By the age of sixteen, she had already mastered the art of song writing, creating her alter ego JuJu. With influences such as Rick James and Luther Vandross her passion has propelled her into the R&B category, as she offers heartfelt art to help listeners manage The curveballs of life. Former college student,

JuJu is no stranger to balancing life on life terms while also pursuing a musical career. While no longer in college, JuJu still produces music that creates a stress free environment. Her latest single "Soul Ties" encourages listeners to light a candle and sit back . Unwind to the sweet rhythmical reductions of "Soul Ties" now streaming on all major platforms.


Instagram: @Jujuwrotethis

Twitter: @Jujuwrotethis


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