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Kinyatta E. Gray : Changing How Women Travel WorldWide ✨

Meet D.C. native Kinyatta E. Gray author and entrepreneur . Kinyatta wrote and published her first book in 2019 entitled “30 Days: Surviving the Trauma and Unexpected Loss of a Single Parent as an Only Child.” In this memoir Kinyatta discusses her mother’s legacy and her final moments she shared with her. Kinyatta's mother wanted to be an author before she passed so Kinyatta believed it was only right to live out her mother's dreams. Kinyatta has also tapped into her entrepreneur side in which she has founded “FlightsInStilettos”

" I was inspired to start "FlightsInStilettos" based on my real-life travel style, which includes wearing stilettos to the airport. I joined a travel club and created the account name "FlightsInStilettos". A friend thought it was cute & catchy name and encouraged me to create t-shirts inspired by my account name. Immediately after that, the idea for the business and brand grew to where we are today."

Kinyatta says FlightsInStilettos empowers women to wear stilettos to the airport and travel in style.

For the remainder of 2020 we all can expect the release of two brand new "FlightsInStilettos" Glam Girls Beach Towels, which are a signature product of the brand. "FlightsInStilettos" will also be featured in an international magazine based out of London called the Davi Magazine & more!


Twitter: @FStilettos


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