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Meet Girl Boss India Green Founder of "Urban Glow Cosmetics" ✨

Meet India Green, the Newark, New Jersey native & girl boss shaking things up with her brand Naturallyindy Urban Glow Cosmetics, LLC.

Urban Glow Cosmetics was founded by India due to her passion for the natural beauty industry. It all began her freshman year of college as a class project. India started an instagram page for health and wellness including natural hair tips and DIY face masks and then eventually a website. Through this she received positive feedback which encouraged her to take her brand to the next level.

“This project revealed to me the lack of quality skincare in urban communities and the overly marketed chemical based products. I wanted to create products that not only enhanced the overall health of one's skin, but are affordable for my peers. This is where the name was coined. “Urban” which was specifically chosen to represent the community and market I aim to serve. “Glow” was chosen to represent the mission and motto of my brand, which is to enhance the glow of my customers from the inside, out.” she says

Some of Urban Glow’s products include facial cleansers , lip glosses, body butters and more! They are always looking to expand product production and consumers can even sign up for a consultation prior to purchasing their products!

“Urban Glow Cosmetics is my everything. It is who I am. It displays my values as a woman and a human being in this world. Authenticity and transparency are very big pillars in my life and through product development and branding I am able to not only fuel my passion, but take care of others along the way! Urban Glow Cosmetics is an all natural health and wellness brand with values rooted in community, transparency, education, and empowerment. We are on a mission to empower people to live healthy and happy lives through self-care! Because we strongly believe that what you put into your mind and body is important” India explains.

For the remainder of 2020 what we can expect from Urban Glow Cosmetics and India is new products, network expansion, and enhanced branding. India wants us to know that not only is she a passionate creator of natural beauty care products but a media maven who has recently graduated with a B.A in Media Studies & Production with a certification in Event Leadership Planning. She is eager to transform her business using the new skills she has gained throughout her college career!



Twitter: @urbanglowcos



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