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Meet North Carolina Artist : King Beli

North Carolina artist signed to Derty North Entertainment, King Beli is back teaming up with Jonah Raine for their latest single Rundown. At the young age of 19, Beli took the South by storm.

He's made a name for himself performing alongside heavy hitters in the industry like Gucci Mane , Pastor Troy, and Petey Pablo to just name a few. Now Beli is back with this track Rundown . He describes this song as a turn-up song, one that’ll definitely have people excited and lit in the club due to its upbeat tempo and clever lyrics.

"My favorite thing about this single is the fact that the song did what it had to do, but not only that we also kept a southern sound to it you know!"

Beli was one of the first artists to drop a mixtape at the start of the covid-19 pandemic in North Carolina and he is still working despite the uncertain times we are in. The challenges Beli has faced due to the pandemic have been trying to network, do shows and meet & greets with his fans.

Nevertheless, Beli isn’t letting these challenges stop him. For the remainder of 2021 he plans on releasing more new music & visuals, social media giveaways, collaborations & more. So stay tuned!


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