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Nick Mills : "Energy Never Dies" Live Album ✨

Although COVID-19 has created lots of uncertainty, artist continue to thrive with innovative ways to connect to their audience. We've seen IG Live Interviews, Verzuz battles and now , New Jersey native, Nick Mills brings us a "Live" album, "Energy Never Dies" . In attempt to spread self awareness and reflection Nick adds , "I write music for introspection. To get a better look at myself . I would hope it aids people to do the same ". Pushing this initiative throughout the country the "tour" kicked off in the city of angels, Los Angeles, California. The first set is a 23- minute, previously recored performance of 4 songs, featuring band, Carey Frank, and NJ songstress, Tahj.

Nick Mills is a Jersey-bred artist, father, and creative. The 32-year-old had a passion for the art of Hip-Hop since a child. He first fell in love with poetry and was then introduced to Hip-Hop and Rap through his Mother and Uncle Chuck. Through music, Nick was able to lay his problems out on a track and reflect on himself.

As rap became his outlet, he built a buzz around the tri-state area in clubs, fashion shows, and more from 2006 to 2010. He took some time off due to feeling unfulfilled then came back to create his own label, IVRLV (Forever Live), and released his EP titled Forever Live & now his 'Live" album "Energy Never Dies."

With his determination & creativity Nick def has a bright future ahead.

Stream "Energy Never Dies" Here:


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