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Nicki Minaj Documentary to release soon ✨

On November 20th, rap icon Nicki Minaj celebrated her ten year anniversary of her debut album, Pink Friday. She celebrated by releasing an expanded version of the three time platinum album. Minaj also celebrated with Instagram filters on Snapchat and Instagram, but she dropped an announcement that everyone was looking forward to the most. Nicki Minaj announced that she will be releasing docu-series with HBO Max.

Throughout the years Nicki Minaj has been very candid about her life and we’re all excited to hear her story one more! Nicki Minaj did something similar in the beginning of her career with E! Network, but this time will be a little more interesting simply because she has achieved so much more. The release date for this document-series has not been released yet but we look forward to watching it in the near future! Nicki did share a snippet of the documentary back in 2018, in which you can check it out below, there has been no said word on if this content will be included in the docu-series but we'll just have to stay tuned!


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