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Nikki Branch: Women For The Culture ✨

Meet Irvington, NJ native Nikki Branch founder of Women for the Culture. Founded April 2018 Women for the Culture is a women empowerment blog sharing real stories, real suggestions and  tools that help women level up on their friendships, relationships, and goals. Nikki created Women for the Culture after feeling like there wasn’t a women empowerment blog that truly resonated with her. She believes being able to inspire so many women,

on so many levels has really been a dream come true for her. 

“Women for the Culture means everything to me. Creating Women for the Culture has given me the opportunity to connect with dynamic women each and every day. Knowing that my platform is helping mothers, daughters, grandmothers, working women who have a nine-to-five, creatives & entrepreneurs.”

For the remainder of 2020 what we can expect from “Women for the Culture” is more impactful interviews, continuous empowerment, and uplifting content.  Nikki says there are a few big announcements coming up and Women for the Culture will def be taking things up a notch! 



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