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One Night In Miami - The Impact of Black Friendship

It seems to happen at least once a year where you come across a thought-provoking film that makes you question the world and even yourself and this is what One Night In Miami has accomplished. The film was released December 25th of last year on Amazon Prime Video and was directed by the incomparable actress and director, Regina King. Set in 1963 the film chronicles four dynamic icons of the 60's; Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, and Sam Cooke. These four men come together in a Miami hotel. A night that is expected to include partying, drinking, and celebrating is instead filled with real meaning and coming to terms with harsh truths. Malcolm X for example challenges and pushes is friend Sam Cooke to reevaluate and repurpose his voice and music and what he is communicating to and for the black community, Sam and Malcolm have opposing views on this issue and that's a core value and topic that this film presents to its viewers. Even though Black people are apart of the same community and experience oppression, that doesn't mean all black people view everything in the same way. Also, a topic that is valuable in the film is the conversation of friends pushing and challenging friends. Friendship is not always about going out and enjoying nightlife or laughing and having fun sometimes a friendship needs to be a vehicle to push someone to progress and grow. Malcolm is pushing Sam but, it comes from a place of love and he is trying to get him to see other perspectives and not limit himself because he sees his potential as an artist and person. It's great to see a film where Black Men's humanity is accounted for and they can join together and share a bond that is imperfect but still important.


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