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Owning Your Own Masters In The New Generation

People always ask do rappers really need to own their masters. It’s only one smart answer to that question and that is yes. Let’s break it down, artist sign away their masters to record labels meaning that record label has the right to the recordings. Rappers may get an advance for this but they would have to basically work off the advance by giving more then music. In my opinion, it’s better to build up a catalog to get leverage for a substantial amount of money. For example, Lil Wayne sold his own masters along with his Young Money label masters over to Universal Music Group for $100 million. That’s almost 20 years of music that’s a lot of leverage that Wayne built to get a deal like that . When you own your own masters you can’t just give it to anybody. If you're a rapper you want to know that your music is in good hands and can help your career. So I want rappers in the new generation to know their worth and to never settle for less.


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