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Plainfield, NJ artist O-Dash releases project "Power"

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Plainfield, NJ artist O-Dash is shaking up the scene with his latest project “Power”. The project starts with an acapella freestyle on a song entitled “OSVNSS “(Intro)” which really shows how lyrically talented O-Dash is. Throughout the project, O-Dash is truly telling g a story and providing fans with heavy lyricism. On tracks like “Y.K.M.B” & “All Vibez” we see him alluding to his outlook on life and the importance of positivity & confidence.

“All Vibez — how you settle for the less and don’t strive.” He says on the track.

O-Dash began making music in the mid-2000s and has been continuing ever since. He has released 3 projects thus far with “Power” now being his 4th. Power stands for positive only when everyone rises and we definitely can see O-Dash is living through that motto with this latest project. O-Dash continues to provide an old school but new school vibe to Hip-Hop and it is sure to take him far in the industry.



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