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Pride Month Reads 🏳️‍🌈

Happy Pride! Since we missed last month’s reading recommendations, we have something special to celebrate the people who made this month and the rest of the fight for fundamental human rights possible. This month at Black Talk Radio, we’re going to be celebrating Black queer poets. Like any creative, their respective form of art reflects their personality, their struggles, and their life experiences. Arguably, poetry is one of the most expressive forms of art. Its versatility and vulnerability allows the reader so much access to what the poet represents, which is why I chose to represent poets who are members of the LGBTQ+ community. They represent and push forward the narrative of Black and Brown queer people who formed and lead the Pride movement.

Xandria Phillips (they/them) (

Xandria Philips is a poet and visual artist from Ohio. Xandria is the winner of the Lambda Literary Award and the Judith A. Markowitz Award for Emerging Writers. Their work appears in various literary magazines and is the author of Hull and Reasons For Smoking.

Poem to check out: Never Have I Ever

Bay Davis (they/she) (@baydavis on Instagram)

Bay Davis is an L.A. native poet, creator, and tattoo artist. Their work and social media presence advocate for the LGBTQ+ community first and foremost, You can find a link below to their most recent spoken word performance.

Danez Smith (they/them) (

Danez Smith is a writer and performer from St. Paul, Minnesota. Their work appears in various literary magazines and has received the following rewards for their groundbreaking work: Forward Prize for Best Collection, the Midwest Booksellers Choice Award, the Kate Tufts Discovery awards, and the Lambda Literary Award for Gay Poetry.

Poem to check out: The 17-Year-Old & The Gay Bar

Angel Nafis (she/her) (

Angel Nafis is an award-winning author as well as founder and curator of Greenlight Bookstore Poetry Salon located in Brooklyn New York. There, you can find various types of literature and sometimes live performances!

Poem to check out: Ode To Shea Butter

These creators are making moves in the Black and Queer community through the communication of their lived experiences in these marginalized groups. Make sure to check out our Instagram for some special shoutouts of more badass artists in the community.


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