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September Reads

September marks the beginning of so many things — fall, school, the start of the holiday season plus more. For most of us, the onset of school is fresh in our minds. Seeing all our friends after the summer break and picking out our first-day outfits is new in our minds when we think of September. These reads are great for breezy fall days on campus or lunch breaks on the bleachers. We’re recommending some books that focus on Black youth as they begin their school years and embark on some crazy adventures.

Love is A Revolution by Renée Watson

This novel follows the love story of Nala Robertson and Tye Brown as they navigate the blurry line that holds activism and young love between Black people in the 21st century. Tye Brown is an MC in his local community, where he volunteers his creative and inspiring words to speak about social justice in his community. Nala, instantly in love with Tye, tells tiny white lies to gain his interest that eventually goes above and beyond her actual level of activism. Finally, her lies catch up to her, and she finds herself understanding what love truly is and what it stands for. This love story is not only about romantic love but the love we hold and build for our communities.

The Cost of Knowing by Brittany Morris

In this chilling novel, readers follow 16-year-old Alex Rufus as he battles with the weight of telling the future. Whenever he touches a person or object, he gets a glimpse into his future— a photo, his girlfriend, his car. When he gets a flash into the future of his brother’s death, he finds himself in a race against time. While he can only tell the future, Alex has to walk the line of understanding the past and preparing for the future, especially as a Black man in America.

For All Time by Shanna Miles

Shanna Miles takes readers on the timeless tale of soulmates. The twist: these soulmates have lived a thousand lives, watching humanity build and destroy itself. The only constant is the strength of their love for each other and the inevitable path they take to make it back to each other before the end. A story of hopeless romance, time travel, and sacrifice makes this novel strong and is a page-turner for sure.

Fast Pitch by Nic Stone

Shenice Lockwood is captain of her softball team and has her goals set to play in the Fastpitch World Series. While she is laser-focused on accomplishing her goals, especially when that means one-uping her white opponents, she receives terrible news about a crime committed in her family. As she struggles to uncover the truth, she questions where her focus lies and her goals get farther away.


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