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Sloppy Vinyl's own RNB Hunter drops his undeniable fire record “The Best”

You’ll never become the best if you don’t self-proclaim it first. Springing forward with something for the ladies, Sloppy Vinyl’s very own, RNB Hunter debuts single “The Best”. Having attended the nation’s first performing arts school, Arts High School, Hunter is no stranger to artistic competition.

Mastering the art of distinction Hunter offers romanticized condense on this track. In pursuit of the woman he desires, Hunter doesn’t beg for her attention but rather demands it with reasons why he, is the best. Lustful lyrics packed with passion over a trap-soul aroise is the recipe to make any woman fall for RNB Hunter. His distinguishing sounds lends itself to solidify the young legend as a ladies' man and sex symbol. Keep up with Hunter and see what he’s up to next here.


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