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South Central L.A artist Duckwrth is here to make us feel "Super Good" ✨

DuckWrth is definitely mashing R&B and other unique genres together in his latest project “Super Good”. He began working on this project in January and the project was released in late August. I personally got the opportunity to chat with DuckWrth during his press conference learning a bit about his background and what this project ultimately means to him. When asked about what it was like growing up in L.A and how that has influenced his musical taste DuckWrth says growing up in L.A was beautiful with poolside views and things of that nature but also a lot of trauma due to gang activities and violence specifically in South Central L.A where he grew up.

“Dealing with this experience though definitely gave me a backbone and that’s why I don’t take bullshit from anyone in the business world or corporate America.”

“Super Good” is a project that ultimately was created to make people FEEL great emotions. Duckwrth talks about how he believes the 70’s was a time where Black people were in celebration and he wanted to tap into that era in his project which can be seen through the production and the album artwork. 

“I wrote this album to celebrate the wondrous black music that molded me into an artist and the black women that made me a king. If this album can remind you of a time where you believed in magic, then I’ve done my job.” 

Duckwrth is relieved that his project is finally out and believes this project is meant to take one away from their current situation, it’s a rhythm project and he wants people to dance and groove to it. Overall Duckwrth’s message to his audience is that he can be a healthy artist while still staying authentic. During the quarantine he has really tried to focus more on reflection and taking care of himself. When asked what’s next for, Duckwrth says he plans on releasing more visuals , garments and most importantly he will be doing a lot of community efforts as he wants to make sure the people in South Central are also

“Super Good.” 





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