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Speedy Service & Co. makes a community impact ✊🏾

Speedy Service & Co. is a business created by Orange, New Jersey native Moyanda Pierre with the purpose of helping small businesses. Speedy Service & Co. was initially formed when Moyanda was in college with the intent of helping students that needed help on assignments or just didn't have the time to focus on their studies. Once she graduated she noticed the need for several resources for small businesses and helped them receive the funding and resources in order to be successful.

“My favorite business experience so far is definitely every time I get finished helping a small business owner, the sigh of relief they give me. It is so satisfying knowing that I am doing my part to ensure small business owners and minority owners alike are striving in such a marginalized society. It is really hard for small business owners to get the resources they need to properly establish their business and even secure funding but I love that I can help put the pieces of the puzzle together.”

Aside from helping businesses Speedy Service & Co. has also has been continuously giving back to the community.

The Annual Thanksgiving Giveback presented by Speedy Service & Co., The Cushnie Brand, The Blueprynt Experience, and Kalon Collection, hosted by the office of Assemblywoman Britnee Timberlake was just last month. They were able to give out 75 turkeys, loads of fresh produce, and groceries as well as coats and lightly used clothes. The New Jersey chapters of the Iotas, Sigmas & Zetas also came out to volunteer and show support.

Fast-forwarding to December Speedy Service & Co. has created a Toy Drive! They have a goal of providing Christmas gifts to at least two grade schools in inner-city areas and giving these toys to the youth starting on December 21st.

It’s been a great year for Speedy Service & Co. but Moyanda has faced some challenges as well.

“The greatest challenge as a business owner right now would be finding the right work-life balance. Finding the right amount of time to devote to my businesses while still making sure I have a social life and am making time for self-care.”

Nevertheless, Moyanda takes pride in her work and believes the beauty of entrepreneurship is that she still has time to make her own schedule and take those breaks whenever she truly needs it.

For the remainder of 2021, Moyanda will be finishing off her first book that will be launched on her birthday 2/21/22. She also has some goodies planned for all of her email subscribers. If you are not subscribed, you can find the link on their Instagram and Twitter @speedyserviceco.

Lastly, she will be planning several events for next year with her nonprofit Sister Helping Sister NP.

We are excited to see what’s next for Moyanda and her future endeavors as she continues to be a change-maker and make an impact in her community.


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