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Trust Fund Babies: Album Review

Trust Fund Babies is an album that comprises Lil Wayne & Rich The Kid (RTK). This is definitely an album we didn’t know we needed. Two different styles with RTK being a boastful & lavish rapper, then you have the GOAT Lil Wayne who is impeccable on everything he gets on. For me,Lil Wayne is in my Top 5 of all time as for RTK I have been a big fan since 2013. So these two together deserved a first hand listen because I had to see if their styles would blend well together. So as I listened to this project from track one to track ten I was super impressed & very glad.

The album starts with the lead single “ Feelin Like Tunechi” the two rappers already complemented each other as they shared the hook. You got songs like “Headlock” “Still” & “Buzzin” where Lil Wayne starts off the track by spazzing out with his usual flows & metaphor. RTK stays there as he doesn’t try to keep up with Wayne but simply does his own thing & sticks with his style. He’s still as boastful & arrogant as ever which makes him the RTK I first started listening to.

You also got tracks like “Trust Fund”,“Shh”, & “Admit It” where RTK took the lead. What sound like a regular RTK track it seemed as though Wayne came through blessed him with a feature. However, seeing that these two were working together in the studio it looks like they told each other to take the lead on this song & the bars won’t disappoint. One song that I think has the potential to be the next single off of there is “ Yeah Yeah”. A laid back song that gets you in the right vibe. Wayne & RTK went back & forth on this with a very catchy.

In conclusion, I give this album a solid 8/10. There was little to no promotion behind besides RTK promoting the “Feelin Like Tunechi” song. The production on this album was amazing too with the likes of MurdaBeatz, Tay Keith, JuilanBeatz, & TheLabCook. If I have to sum up this album I would have to say this was a fun album & I’m pretty sure this was fun to make. A lot people questioned Lil Wayne for making this collaboration album with RTK. The real question however is why not? Fans from both sides could see that this was a good album maybe a little shorter than expected but still a great album for this incredible year of music.


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